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Pick 6 T-shirt Contest and Open Thread

And we're off! The battle for the T-shirts is under way, with dbacksfan414 setting the pace. They had a score of 57.5 points yesterday, so that gives them the lead in both categories - score for the week and highest daily score. Think you can do better? Take your shot. Games start in about an hour, so make your selection, and you too can be in the running for a Pick 6 shirt.

Name Points
1 dbacksfan414 57.5
2 Cardscrazy247 55.7
4 dback4life 46.9
5 Scottyyy 39.6

Other topics you might want to talk about. Bryce Harper hits a home-run - will baseball ever be the same again? The failed attempts by Ian Kennedy and Clayton Kershaw to hit each; will there be further action or is it over?