Hello assorted members of the Snakepit family. I am writing this up to gauge interest in something that could be magical and amazing (or just fun, your choice).

While helping 'skins and jinnah move a few weekends ago (and refusing all offers of furnitiure that came my way), skins mentioned the idea of a Tucson based SnakePitFest(TM) for our many Pima County based members (as well as the more ambitious denezins of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area). There are two possibilities that came immediately to mind as to how this could happen:

1. Attend a Reno Aces game when they are in town.

Seeing the players that could be called up the second someone tweaks something could go for a good time. I would imagine that if this were to happen we would all get lawn or bleachers seats and let a starting outfielder for the Padres have it. A quick check shows that GA tickets run for $7, so it would definitely be affordable for most people.

According to the schedule, the Aces are in Tucson on two occasions, both 4 game series:

June 7 - 10 (Thursday - Sunday)

July 16 - 19 (Monday - Thursday)

(All of these games start at 7:05 PM)

With enough notice, I can do any of these, so I'll leave it open to you guys as to what you want.

2. Have a big gathering and watch a game at somebody's house.

This would be similar to SnakePitTowersFest. We would gather at somebody's abode (either mine or team skins/jinnah's at this point. Neither of us live on extreme parts of town.) and bring food and beverages and watch a game. The timing of this is a bit more fluid than the other option, and gives people time to prepare for such a thing. My preference would probably be for either a weekend Matinee game or a night game before a non school/work day. Again, you guys can hash that out in the comments.

Now, this isn't an either/or proposition. It is conceivable that both of these could be accomplished this season, given enough interest. If anybody has any other ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments.

And again, any Phoenicians that wish to participate are more than welcome to. I mean, I make an effort to come to a lot of your stuff. Just sayin' ;).