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Pick 6: Win An Exclusive Pick 6 Shirt

This is what you'll be winning...
This is what you'll be winning...

I'm delighted to announce that the 'Pit has been selected as one of a handful of blogs who have been selected to take part in a Pick 6 contest. There will be two winners each week, for the next four weeks, who will win an exclusive Pick 6 Shirt, as shown in the photo above. These lovely 3/4 shirts, made by American Apparel, are not available in any stores, and are guaranteed* to provoke conversation and envy wherever you go. [* Quality of conversation and degree of envy not contractually obligated]

The shirts will go to a) the player with the highest overall total score for the week, and b) the player with the highest single-day score of the week [or the 'Josh Hamilton' category, as it should probably be known]. This is an encouragement, both to enter every day, and also still gives you a chance to win if you should happen to miss one. The week for each contest will run from Monday through Sunday, so you can start by getting your choices in now, for tomorrow's games. I'll be running daily updates, as usual, where I'll be listing the leaders in each category, and you can smack talk the opposition into selecting Willie Bloomquist.

Here are the official rules, for your edification. All participants are subject to these. And you know what we do to rules-breakers on the 'Pit. It's not pretty, but we have some lovely rose-bushes at SnakePit Towers.... </veiledthreat>