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Pick 6 Open Thread

Double update today, since we also have to cover the amended results for Friday's game, which were originally incomplete. The top five there, as well as the leaders from Saturday, are to be found below - congratulations to SenSurround and themick, for their respective triumphs. 10am start in today's games, so you've got a bit more than hour to make your selections, if you haven't already done so. Stay tuned later on too, for news of a rather cool Pick 6 contest we'll be running over the next few weeks.

Friday Saturday
Rank Player Points
1 SenSurround 99.8
2 tstack1014 81.2
3 AzDbackfanInDc 73.2
4 jzzfanj 72.1
5 Canadiamondback 66.7
Rank Player Points
1 themick 68.5
2 dbacksfan414 51.1
3 matt.ratledge 48.2
4 dbacks25 41.0
5 PhoenixFly 38.5