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Diamondbacks 2, Giants 5: Dbacks doomquisted by Cahill's woeful start

This picture seems to be the photo of choice in the recaps across the Internets that I've seen. I'm using it as well, mostly because it's extremely unflattering and he plays for San Francisco. Silly Matt Cain.
This picture seems to be the photo of choice in the recaps across the Internets that I've seen. I'm using it as well, mostly because it's extremely unflattering and he plays for San Francisco. Silly Matt Cain.

So, I swears it, I'm writing this intro before watching this game. I've got Notepad opened and I'm tap-tap-tapping away, being diligent and getting ahead on the recap so I can publish it quicker. "But wait, Wailord, one cannot recap a game that one has not seen!" Yeah, sure, but it's Saturday, which means I can name a few things that will happen. We'll probably lose, and it'll probably be by one run. I'm beginning to think it's a curse. Maybe next week I'll swap for a different day to avoid this unfortunate outcome. Hit the jump to see what actually transpired, and pretend you didn't read the title that'll probably have the score. (Note from the future: title credit to BattleMoses)

Final - 5.12.2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
San Francisco Giants 1 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 5 9 2
Arizona Diamondbacks 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 6 2
WP: Matt Cain (2 - 2)
SV: Santiago Casilla (7)
LP: Trevor Cahill (2 - 4)

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Ok, so maybe I was a little bit premature in calling the game. Well, the score differential, at least. We got into our Saturday groove early on, falling into a 1-0 hole just two batters into the game. Trevor Cahill walked Gregor Blanco to start things off, and a throwing error advanced the runner to third to allow a measly groundout from Brandon Belt to give the Giants the very quick lead. I missed the first twenty minutes of the game, but I'm sure the throwing error was very errorey. Although Cahill ran into some more trouble before inning's end -- allowing another walk and a double -- the Diamondbacks escaped down just a run, stranding two runners in scoring position. Some aggressive baserunning from San Francisco really let them take advantage of the runners they got on base; even with Miguel "No Acceptable Nickname" Montero behind the dish, Angel Pagan put himself in scoring position in the fourth, while Blanco did the same in the fifth. A ground rule double ended up scoring Blanco, something that (if my math is correct) would not have happened had Blanco remained on first. Math, folks.

Oh, Willie Bloomquist did a few things worthy of praise. As with Blanco in the top half of the inning, Bloomquist led off the Diamondbacks with a walk. However, the prophet known only as "cdubb" noted in the GDT before the game started that "even if somehow [Bloomquist] gets on, chances are he will get himself out on the base path!". That he did. He was thrown out trying to steal. I can only hope that cdubb next predicts us winning the pennant. Willie B. sac-fly'd Arizona's first run home in the third, but it remained the Diamondbacks' sole run until the seventh. This acts as a nice segue into the last third of the game, which means I can skip the the part where Cahill was yanked after allowing a single and plunking two Giants to start the sixth. I also don't have to mention that Cain drove two in at the plate. Blech.

Jason Kubel, who had a nice night once again, blooped a ball down the left field line with one down in the seventh. Melky Cabrera fired it to second, but the ball sailed away, moving Kubel to third and making it look like the Diamondbacks had a shot, down 4-1 with not a whole lotta baseball left. Paul Gooooooldschmidt pinch-hit for the pitcher, and another error from San Francisco scored Kubel and brought the Diamondbacks a run closer to a tie game. I'm not sure when the hope disappeared for making more noise in the seventh: when Willie Bloomquist grounded out to end it, or when the PA guy announced Willie's name. Either way, a groundout kept the Giant lead at two. At least he couldn't get himself out on the basepaths.

Sadly, that was more or less it for the Diamondbacks. Brad Ziegler gave up another run when he was brought it to pitch the ninth, and the Dbacks went quietly through the rest of the game, keeping the final score 5-2 in favor of San Francisco. I was discussing on Skype with a friend who'd told me that the curse was over because we lost by three runs instead of one (as we'd done in every recap I've done this season). However, I believe it's only getting worse, as we've still never won a Wailord-recapped game in 2012, and the deficits are now rising. Come on, baseball gods. Why you gotta?

Source: FanGraphs

Doubleplusgood: Jason Kubel, +13.3%
Plusgood: Paul Goldschmidt, +5.5% (as you can tell, it wasn't a good night)
Doubleplusungood: Trevor Cahill, -17.5%

Another semi-quiet GDT tonight, as we mustered 656 comments between 27 users at the time of writing. BattleMoses led the way (and I heard he was gunning for it, but don't tell anyone) with 153 comments, narrowly beating the favorite imstillhungry95 by seven comments. After that, the highest comment total was 44. Hmm. Under twenty SnakePit crowd represent, yo.

Comment of the Night goes to BattleMoses (I guess...) for his response when I commented on the poor state of the ballgame. He only wins because he had the most recs. I, nor the SnakePit, endorse the following comment:

You suck for never being in GDTs

So that's that. We're now 0-5 in my recaps. Sorry for letting everyone down. I'll try to better next week. On the bright side, we're 4-1 on Sundays, so the guest recappers have been picking up the slack. We'll see if that continues tomorrow, when the ZOMGCRAZYAWESOME Barry Zito and Joe Saunders match up. I'm sure it'll be an epic pitchers' duel -- just look at their 2.21 and 2.50 ERAs, respectively! Hasta mañana.