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SnakePitFest! [and Pick 6 Open Thread]

It's time to start thinking about the annual SnakePitFest, where we invade Chase Field for a D-backs game, and annoy the hell out of everyone around us, by yelling at the top of our lungs, heckling opposing players and generally behaving like the much-maligned species of "fans". For reasons of cost, this year's event will take place on a Sunday, and tickets will be $15, more or less. Looking at the schedule, there are three dates that stand out in the Juky-August spectrum as possible [once we filter out holiday weekends and Cubs games!]. Here's a poll, for you to indicate any preference you may have, or simply express interest. Feel free to post comments and thoughts as well.

The Washington SnakePit contingent had another good day, taking two of the top three spots, and the SnakePit ladies also showed up in force, but neither group could stop rd33 from coming out victorious, behind the arm of Stephen Strasburg and the bat of Jason Kipnis. He was #47 in the SB Nation for the day. I am also pleased to report that I did not come last in the solar-system yesterday. So there's that... Here's the top five

Rank Player Points
1 rd33 56.1
2 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 54.9
3 AzDbackfanInDc 47.1
4 jinnah 42.4
5 emilylovesthedbacks 40.6

A very late start on today's games, with the first pitch in the action not happening until 4pm. Which is why this post is a little later than usual, being the usual reminder to get you selections in - you've still got time.