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Off-Day Open and Pick 6 Thread

An off-day for the Diamondbacks - so, really, no different from just about any other day for Arizona, since we left Miami. Re-group, re-charge and get ready to continue our domination of the Giants. With no game for us, you can concentrate fully on today's Pick 6 choices, with the contests today starting just after 1pm Arizona time. For the second day in a row, the 'Pit represented in strength, with Cardscrazy247 winning here, and tying for first place nationwide, Andrew McCutchen and Howie Kendrick starring. At the end...again...was me. Thank you, J,J, Putz. Though I wasn't last nationwide yesterday, managing to come 1,960th out of the 1,963 entrants... Here's the top five.

Rank Player Points
1 Cardscrazy247 75.6
2 grimmy01 44.8
3 DC_Dbacks_Fan17 41.5
4 PhoenixFly 41.4
5 Incomplete Translation 39.8

Of course, with it being an off-day, feel free to use this for random chat and discussion, but we'll also have a bunch of other stuff for you to read, including updates on our injured players and, this evening, an open thread on what's wrong with the team right now, and whether it can be fixed.