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Pit Your Wits: 2012 Edition


Greetings all and sundry. I am Clefo (not my real name) and I am proud to introduce this year's edition of Pit Your Wits, a weekly series where you, the reader/commenting-type-person, get to display your rapier wit for points and fabulous prizes*

*prizes may not be the dictionary definition of "fabulous". Read the terms and conditions which don't exist anymore because my neighbor set fire to them. He's troubled.

Join me after the jump, won't you?

This is the second year of PyW and under new management. I am taking over the reins from wailord, who has educational commitments, which I hope you'll join me in wishing him all the best to him! I hope to continue the stewardship of this sacred Snakepit institution.

For those new to PyW, every Thursday I will post a challenge of some sort, and you will give an entry or response in the comments. For example: a challenge might be:

"What are the first two words that comes to mind when someone brings up 'Willie Bloomquist'?"

And you would respond with whatever you think is funny, relevant, witty etc. Your response could be:

"ASU Alumni"


"Basepaths :("

Or whatever else may pop into your skull. Challenges may range from the controlled (like my example above) to the very free flowing and open ended. The common thread is that your creativity will be put to work.

How will your responses be judged? By you the people, of course! Any submissions that you like for any reason should be "rec'd" by you. If you are new to the pit and SB Nation, you might ask "How do I rec?". To "rec" a post, click on the "actions" button on any post and then hit the "rec" button. Easier than winning a home run derby against Rey Ordonez!

The top three rec recipients will be awarded points. Six points will be awarded for first, three points for second, and one point for third. There will be an overall leaderboard, and whoever is on the podium on that board at the All Star break will be rewarded in some fashion. Then we will start all over again for the second half of the season and do the same. I will keep track of the total standings and the overall winner for the whole season will get a prize.

We will formally begin the first round of Pit Your Wits next Thursday. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments. I wish you all a happy witting!

(Here are PyW posts from last year for more enlightenment: One, Two)