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Diamondbacks Thing Of The Week: Ian Kennedy Banner

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I was tempted to keep quiet about this one, simply because I wouldn't mind getting it for myself, and at the present price, it would appear to be an absolute steal. However, I suspect Mrs. SnakePit would not be as fond of the item as myself, and it would end up in a cupboard, along with all the other weird bits of D-backsmabilia that I've picked up over the year. However, I suspect other 'Pitters might be interested, and so I present it for your consideration. Bidding on this one closes a bit after 7pm tonight, so get your bidding skates on. If you're the seller, I'll be in touch for my 10% commission later...

Unique Fabric Lifesize Hanging Banner Ian Kennedy Arizona Diamondbacks

Very Cool Collectible for Arizona Diamondbacks or any MLB Major League Baseball fans
Life Size(over 6 feet tall) Fabric banner of #31 Ian Kennedy, Right Handed Pitcher for the Diamondbacks
Sponsored by the Arizona Milk Producers for their 3 a day promotion
Great Shape - Very Clean
Has grommets for hanging

There's always something of a danger in getting player-specific memorabilia, because there are no guarantees of future performance, which can turn a hero into a villain, and forever color perceptions of them. We had an example of this last night at The Aquabats show, where they played a cover of Your Love by The Outfield. While the rest of the audience was bouncing away happily, all I could think - and mrssoco should probably cover her ears - was "Frak Eric Byrnes," that having been his walk-up song for much of his expensive, underperforming contract extension in Arizona. See also a previous Thing of the Week, the Brandon Webb oil painting.

I'm as guilty of this as anyone. My AZSnakePit Diamondbacks jersey bears #17, which seemed like an absolutely safe bet at the time. I'm just hoping David Winfree, the current owner of the number, gets called up so that the shirt will once again be fractionally relevant. But it's a perpetual peril of any player-branded items. Even if they play brilliantly during their time with the club, especially for smaller-budget clubs like Arizona, the threat of trade is ever present, and free-agent departure is another problem. Think many people in St. Louis are still wearing their Pujols jerseys?

So there's a very real chance that, at some point in the future, the sight of a Kennedy banner will produce a rather bitter taste in the mouth of Arizona fans. This isn't Ian's fault, of course, it's just the nature of game that players like Chipper Jones, who pass an entire career with a single franchise, are a dying breed. Would this still provoke warm fuzzy feelings when Kennedy is pitching for the Dodgers or - Doomsday scenario - is back with the MFYankees? Admittedly, given the current price of the item, and that Kennedy won't be a free-agent until after the end of the 2015 season, it's perhaps a risk worth taking. We're not talking about getting a tattoo, after all.

If you were to win it, you'd then have to decide where about to hang it. There aren't many places in SnakePit Towers where it would both fit and be appropriate - the latter consideration would seem to rule out our bedroom, which has the largest expanse of suitable wall-space. That would seem kinda creepy: never mind "Gibby is watching", what about "Kennedy is watching"? Yeah, think I'll be leaving this one on the Ebay shelf for now...