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Gameday Thread, #20: 4/27 vs. Marlins


Joe Saunders
LHP, 1-1, 1.29


Carlos Zambrano
RHP, 0-1, 2.84

Off to see The Aquabats tonight, so will likely miss most of this one. Put another way, the choice was between watching a bunch of guys make fools of themselves wearing ridiculous uniforms in front of a surreal backdrop... Or going to the Aquabats concert. Hohoho. Though, actually "Aquabats" would be a good name for the Marlins' cheerleaders. Memo to self: write to Jeffrey Loria. ZM has already done a pretty good demolition job on most aspects of the Florida Miami Marlins culture in his series preview, though I did like the idea of the 70-ft saguaro playing maracas. Further memo to self: strengthen drug testing policy for SnakePit writers...

Line-up and stuff after the jump, including Gibson's pre-game chat, which I'm going to try and include a bit more often going forward. 'Charmer on her second recap of the week.

  1. Willie Bloomquist SS
  2. Gerardo Parra CF
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Jason Kubel LF
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Aaron Hill 2B
  7. Lyle Overbay 1B
  8. Ryan Roberts 3B
  9. Joe Saunders P

Well, between the audio and finding a new version of the Marlins' logo, not much time to add anything, except I note the return of Ryan Roberts to the starting line-up, after being Ransomed the last few starts. Will see how that works out. And here's Gibby:

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