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Official Off-Day Off-Topic Thread

No Diamondbacks game taking place today, but this seemed somewhat popular when jjwaltrip kicked it off last time we had a day off, so I'm stealing the idea. There'll be plenty of things going on at the 'Pit anyway, including the arrival of 'Pit Your Wits this afternoon, but you can use this thread for random discussions of stuff. Possible topics include:

  • The NFL draft, which begins at 5pm our time
  • Steve Nash's position in the Hall of Arizona Sports Fame
  • How will the Coyotes do against the Predators?
  • Over- and under-achievers in baseball so far. The Angels are 6-12 - Albert Pujols has yet to hit a home-run - while the Nationals are 14-4. Are they for real?

But it's a free-fire kind of day, so have at it!