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Gameday Thread, #13: 4/19 vs. Braves


Mike Minor
LHP, 1-1, 4.38


Josh Collmenter
RHP, 0-0, 12.86

Time for the team to #Gibbyup and play the way we know they can, with or without Justin Upton and Chris Young. The last two games of the Pirates series were immensely disappointing, but it's worth remembering that the team has now lost five one-run decisions in a row, and that won't last. Indeed, the team has yet to be defeated by more than one run, which tells you the team has been in every game they played, right up until the very last out. We'll see if the team can keep that going today, but a lot will be on the shoulders of Josh Collmenter, who finds his spot dangling by a very thin thread after two miserable starts.

Line-up and stuff after the jump

  1. A.J. Pollock CF
  2. Willie Bloomquist SS
  3. Jason Kubel LF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Ryan Roberts 3B
  6. Aaron Hill 2B,
  7. Gerardo Parra RF
  8. Henry Blanco C
  9. Josh Collmenter P

Well, look who's on top of the order, in his second major-league game. I actually prefer this to having Bloomquist there: genuine speed, though let's avoid the over-sliding this afternoon, shall we? Goldzilla is back, but no Miggy in the line-up. The Gibby giveth and the Gibby taketh away... Hopefully the D-backs can still get off to a quick start again. They have scored in the first inning in all but two games this season, and lead the majors with a +13 differential. We are batting .421 (24-for-57) with 5 doubles. Quite where this goes the rest of the game, I'm not sure.