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SnakeSounds: 4/18 vs. Pirates PostGame: Chris Young Injury Update

Chris Young had a deep bruise in his shoulder joint, and the MRI this morning came up a slight tear of the Acromioclavicular (AC) ligament.. It's very much a finger in the air exercise, in terms of how long he will be out, but the team appears to be thinking somewhere around 2-3 weeks. There is not expected to be any need for surgery, just rest and recuperation. However, it his Young's right should, which is his throwing one, even if the injury was not caused by any violent motion (well, except for running into a wall, I suppose...)

The team is still hoping to avoid the need for Justin Upton to go on the DL. Here are Young and Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers, talking this afternoon about the injury and what it means for the team going forward. Hopefully, we can avoid losing series at home to the likes of the Pirates, but the loss of Upton and Young certain;y do not help the team's chances in that department.

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