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Gameday Thread, #9: 4/15 vs. Rockies


Trevor Cahill
RHP, 0-0, 1.50


Drew Pomeranz
LHP, 0-0, N/A

Diamondbacks' starters this year have a 5.23 ERA but have yet to lose a game, having a record of 3-0. The bullpen is 2-3 despite a far superior 2.20 ERA. I guess that happens when you play so many close contests. I also note that Arizona has a record of 4-2 when leading after seven; last year, in the same situation, they went 70-5. I know we probably couldn't expect David Hernandez and J.J. Putz to be as insanely good as they were last season, but their current collective 5.59 ERA is...disappointing, especially when compared to the rest of the bullpen. David and JJ between them have allowed six earned runs in 9.2 frames. Everyone else down there? One, in 19 innings.

Line-up and stuff after the jump. grimmy01 is your guest recapper, so look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

  1. #42 Ryan Roberts 3B
  2. #42 Gerardo Parra LF
  3. #42 Justin Upton RF
  4. #42 Chris Young CF
  5. #42 Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  6. #42 Aaron Hill 2B
  7. #42 John McDonald SS
  8. #42 Henry Blanco C
  9. #42 Trevor Cahill P

Avoiding the sweep. That wasn't three words I wanted to include in the GDT for this final game of the road-trip, but it's the position in which the Diamondbacks find themselves, thanks largely to the umpires' miserable failings last night. Looks like there might be more coming this afternoon, with the forecast indicating a steadily increasing chance of rain throughout this afternoon. But, based on last night, the game will go ahead until scuba gear is required by the participants, so it shouldn't be a problem. The wind, however, might be, with the hourly forecast putting it in the 20-30 mph range.

Good job we have Cahill, hopefully keeping the ball down, and with a few less walks as well. First start of the year for Rockies' young prospect Pomeranz, so be interested to see him. A win today would give us a 6-3 record, before we come back to Phoenix to face the the Pirates, which would be a very solid start to the season. Looks a lot better than 5-4, though given two-third of our games will have been on the road, being above .500 would still be solid enough. However, having started 5-1, being swept would be disappointing. I'm hoping for a blowout victory for the D-backs, even if it's wind-propelled. Be a nice change from these one-run games!