Who should replace Collmenter in the rotation ?

I think it's becoming pretty clear that the one thing that Collmenter had going for him more than any other last year, pinpoint control and command, has deserted him. Not only is he walking more guys, but he is leaving balls belt high over the middle of the plate and getting hammered. He's been doing it since spring, and something is wrong. It could be mechanical, physical, or mental. But whatever it is, he needs to go work it out somewhere else. Last year is over.

I'm moving on, whether the team is ready to or not. So I thought I'd poll everyone on his replacement in the rotation. keeping Collmenter in the rotation is not an option in the poll. Some won't like that. Sorry. I put the same poll up on the bullpen, but not many readers/posters there any more. So lets see what the gang here thinks.

After the jump, some links to some useful pages and the poll

A handy little thread at the bullpen with short re caps that chronicle the exploits of our minor pitchers on a nightly basis.

And here are the Mobile and Reno Stat pages if anyone wants to look before voting

And finally, here is the 40 man roster page, as you need to take that into account too.