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Pit Your Wits Week 1: No Facts, Just Jokes.


Welcome to Pit Your Wits, the Snakepit feature where your rapier wit, your sharp tongue, that stint you spent as a bouncer at that comedy club in the bad part of town, and those weird thoughts you have about the lead singer of Superbus can be put to use for the chance of internet fame and internet prizes.

If you missed it last week, here is the introduction post to this feature. We are going to hit the ground running this week . We have a challenge so spectacular that it can only be described as "there". Follow after the jump for your instructions.

Our first challenge is this: tell me a joke! I am going to give you a classic setup to a joke, and you finish it off. Be creative! Be weird! Be as brief or as long-winded as you need to be!

Here's the setup:

"Troy Tulowitzki walks into a bar...."

I'm setting the O/U on mentions of the word "Triple" at 30.

Post your jokes in the comments below. Read other people's jokes and rec the ones you find particularly amusing, thought-provoking, or whatever criteria you decide is rec-worthy. The joke with the most recs will get six points, the second most, three, the third most, one.

You are within your rights as a citizen of the Snakepit to submit more than one entry, but only your highest rec'd one will count towards scoring. Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday at 11:59 PM Arizona time.

Get to it!