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AZ SnakePit Season Tickets Available

Here's the next batch of SnakePit Season Tickets, available to active members of the 'Pit, without fee or favor. There are two for each game, and all of them are in Section 133: again, pretty much a first-come, first served on these. Drop me a line [email address at the bottom of the site] if you are interested in going to any of these games, and I'll cross them off

  • Monday April 16th, vs. Pirates, 6:40pm
  • Wednesday April 18th, vs. Pirates, 12:40pm
  • Friday April 20th, vs. Braves, 6:40pm
  • Sunday April 22th, vs. Braves, 1:10pm
  • Tuesday April 24th, vs. Phillies, 6:40pm