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2012 AZ SnakePit Roster Announced

SnakePit logo
SnakePit logo

Y'know, given the date, I'm half-tempted to come up with some cheerful jape, like announcing that Mark Grace will be recapping games on the 'Pit this season. But we're better than that. Okay, truth be told, I couldn't come up with anything half-way amusing. So I'll stick to the cold, hard facts. Just like the Diamondbacks, the team at the 'Pit is always growing, evolving and changing, and we've got a couple of things to announce today. I'll save one - which I'm very excited about - for later tonight, but we'll start with the one which possesses the bitter sweet nature of a hunk of dark chocolate.

Due to pressures of an ongoing education and something called "life" [not sure what that is, but hopefully it'll get explained], DbacksSkins is stepping down from his editorial responsibilities on the 'Pit. He has been one of the most productive members of the site since joining in June 2007, helping guide us through our difficult formative years, and into the robust community we are now. With an astonishing total of 81,247 comments here, it's safe to say the place wouldn't be what it was without him. We wish 'skins all the best, and are sure he'll still be dropping in to pad his comment total; he retains all rights and privileges as an alumni editor.

However, the sweetness is that we have recruited capable replacements. Moving up to editorial status is Dan Strittmatter, who has been the engine-room of our minor-league coverage since coming on board, as well as generating some amazing pieces of analysis. Figured we should make as much use of him as we can, before some major-league outfit realizes what they're missing, so he;s moving into the rotation, and is feverishly anticipating the first chance to drop the banhammer on someone. So, I'd be a bit careful for the next couple of weeks, until the novelty wears off. :)

Being promoted from Triple-A and joining the roster is Clefo, probably the only member of the 'Pit whose name has become a verb. He'll be recapping, and is also taking over the Thursday Pit Your Wits contests, as Wailord is also feeling the pressures of education [man, I'm not sorry to have all that behind me!], and so has asked for a reduction in his workload. He'll still be recapping, however. Clefo's presence also retains a strong SnakePit connection with Tucson, so we can still claim to be the AZ SnakePit. "Arizona" Diamondbacks, please note...

Please join me in thanking 'Skins for his time and work, and welcoming the new arrivals, whom I'm sure you'll treat with all the respect due to their positions