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SnakeBytes, 3/8: Off-Day Edition

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Not that this differs from the rest of the week for our pitching staff... But it's far too early for there to be any cause for panic. Worth remembering that the team started out 2011 Spring Training by losing seven of their first nine Cactus League contests, and were owners of a horrible 5-18 record on March 17. Seem to recall 2011 ended up unfolding pretty well for the Diamondbacks. Anyone expressing concern over the performances of pitchers who have thrown two innings at most, should probably chill. You people... :)

Your Daily(ish) Bauer

  • [Yahoo!] D-Backs pitcher dazzles with his pitches, workouts - "Engineers are trained to be problem-solvers," Bauer said. "So, you identify what your problem is and then you identify the process of how you're going to go about collecting information to solve it and then you go about doing it. It's a very linear thought process."
  • [] Trevor Bauer adjusting to life as potential big leaguer - "It's just trying to pick up the little things that go into winning baseball games," Bauer said. "If you can win an extra game a year because you can hold guys on or bunt and five guys can do that, that's five wins and that can be the difference between a playoff berth and sitting at home in October. It's definitely important, and I'm trying to learn it all."
  • [] Bauer pressing for job in rotation - "Trevor has this tool he uses to stretch, about a 6-foot plastic tube," [Josh] Collmenter said. "At the festival, they have this little (carousel) horse on a cable. They let it go, and then you have to joust while riding the horse. We made him use his warm-up tube to joust with. To his credit, he snagged that little ring right on the end of his tube."



  • [] Rocky start, but Cahill built for long haul - "He fits in perfectly with all of us," [Ian] Kennedy said. "It's easy to get along with him. All of our conversations with him, it's been clicking, so I feel like it's going to be another good fit. We always wonder how new players are going to react to us."
  • [Fox Sports Arizona] Improved health is Saunders' chief concern - This spring, Saunders is in better shape and having an easier time preparing for the season ahead. "It's quite a difference. You maybe do something different in the offseason, maybe start throwing a little bit earlier. I tried to do that this year to the best I can, and I'm just trying to get my arm in shape pretty good. I like where it's at and we'll go from there."


  • [] D-backs' Minor Leaguers eager to get going - "Tuesday was the last day of workouts for the Minor Leaguers. They will have the next two days off while the Minor League staff goes through its annual meetings. Physicals for pitchers and catchers will be held Thursday and they will go through their first official workout Friday."
  • [AZ Central] Non-roster spotlight: Jason Lane - "Lane was a two-way player at USC – he was the winning pitcher in the Trojans’ 21-14 College World Series win over Arizona State in 1998 "
  • [] D-backs take notice of Davidson's defense "Just really being more light on my feet and being more athletic over there," Davidson said when asked what he focused on this offseason. "I did a lot of drills, agility and footwork stuff. I didn't really focus on mechanics, but just took a lot more ground balls and tried to get quicker and more athletic."

And the rest...