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Sunday Challenge: Name The Entire Diamondbacks Spring Training Roster

Matt from trivia quiz-site Sporcle sent over a link to the latest D-backs quiz they posted - I think we had one of these before, where you had to name the Opening Day line-ups for each year since the franchise started. This one is really tough, and I'd be impressed if anyone managed to get 100%, not least because you only have six minutes to name all 60 members of the spring-training roster. That's a mere six seconds per name. It'd probably take you longer than that to type in Jakubauskas and Albaladejo - you can have those two for free...

No cheating, naturally. I managed 40 within the time limit, which is pretty weak [though in my defense, I did the quiz at 11pm on a Saturday night, following the end of my work week - not exactly when I'm at my sharpest]. There were a couple of embarrassing players I forgot, who will probably be on the 25-man roster: no names, no pack drill there. And I would claim partial credit for "that guy we picked in the Rule 5 from Pittsburgh," which the quiz inexplicably refused to acknowledge as a valid answer. Still, it was a fun six minutes, despite the mounting sense of panic as the clock ran down... How many will you get?