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SnakePitSpringFest: Coming Soon To A Lawn Near You

Provided, of course, that "you" happen to be located in the vicinity of Salt River Fields tomorrow night. It's a 7:10pm first pitch. We'll be gathering on the right-field berm at some point before that. Not sure exactly when, personally; we're planning to go over to Talking Stick Resort for dinner beforehand, and then catch the shuttle to the park from there [Players' Club membership required....] I'd think we will aim to be there about an hour before first pitch, to enjoy the social aspects.

Attendance is open - there may even be some lawn tickets left, I'm not sure. Just look for the loud contingent yelling non sequiturs at bemused outfielders. Or, failing that, look for the SnakePit jersey. Bring a blanket. Bring a pillow. Bring yourself. And enjoy a night of baseball under the stars, before Arizona returns to being the seventh level of hell once more.