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Gameday Thread, ST #17: 3/17 vs. Rangers

  1. Ryan Roberts, 3B
  2. Aaron Hill, 2B
  3. Justin Upton, RF
  4. Jason Kubel, LF
  5. Chris Young, CF
  6. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  7. Gerardo Parra, DH
  8. Henry Blanco, C
  9. John McDonald, SS
    + Joe Saunders, Barry Enright, David Hernandez and others

Surprise! That's where the Diamondbacks are going this afternoon, to face Texas. Fun fact (well, WikiFact, at least): The city was founded in 1938 by Flora Mae Statler, who named it Surprise as she "would be surprised if the town ever amounted to much".It would be amusing if other cities in Arizona were renamed in line with expectations: I'm pretty sure you can can up with your own alternative labels for Tempe, Scottsdale and Apache Junction. I just enjoy seeing signs on the highway like, "Exit 164: Surprise", as if it's a delicious secret they don't want to tell you. I always reckon they should continue, "Exit 165: Shock" and 'Exit 166: Startled Embarrassment".

Game's on the radio from the usual sources, we listen up if you get a chance, and we'll see how Joe Saunders' shin is holding up after the bang it took in his last outing at Goodyear. And odds of there being some kind of St. Patrick/Snakes reference in the recap headline? Pretty good, I'd say.