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What Are The 10 Best Things About Being a D'Backs fan?

'Duk from Big League Stew over on Yahoo! dropped me a line, asking me to chip in the Arizona entry for their upcoming series of "10 Best Things About Being a _____ Fan". Rather than simply churn out the things I think should qualify as being part of that ten best, I figured I'd throw the discussion open to the SnakePit, and see if we can't come up with some kind of communal list. If you want some more details of the sort of thing being sought, and the first ten things that come to my mind, you'll need to click on that 'Read More' link...

Our aim: We're looking for a mix of 10 things that are informative, personal, varied and kinda insidery about all aspects of being a fan of your team, from the stadium experience to the onfield product to the franchise's history.We're looking for colorful and imaginative stuff, though not a straight ranking (ie: Don't feel that your #1 item has to be "better" than your #10 item.) The more you think outside the box, the better.

Outside the box? Us? Shouldn't be difficult. Here, in no particular order, are what come to mind.

  • 2001 World Series
  • The swimming pool
  • Salt River Fields
  • Gerardo Parra's arm
  • The Arizona Fall League
  • Justin Upton
  • Derrick Hall and the D-backs organization
  • Our future pitching
  • Kirk Gibson as manager
  • Randy Johnson

More suggestions are very welcome...