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OT: Super Bowl Commercial Sunday

This is the open Superbowl thread, intended mostly for discussion of the commercials, e.g. how creepy and sleazy the Go Daddy commercial this year will be. Some mention of the game will be permitted - but don't go overboard, or I will be forced to call 'margin'. :) A quick toss-up of other topics to get this party started, before kick-off at 4:30pm AZ time. .

  • Will you be watching the game? If so, where?
  • What foodstuffs and beverages will be consumed?
  • Any memories from past Super Bowls?
  • Predict the final score today.

Pre-game entertainment in SnakePit Towers will be provided by Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. My alternative suggestion of the Lingerie Bowl was not well-received for some reason...