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SnakeBytes, 2/4: Super Bowl Saturday Edition

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Trust you are all getting your hot-dogs and burgers ready for tomorrow's televisual treat, which has been eagerly anticipated all year. I refer, of course, t the Super Bowl Commercials. I just think it's a shame they choose to interrupt them with some boring game or other. Still, you've got to go to the bathroom sometime, I guess. More on that tomorrow, with our traditional OT Commercial thread. Meanwhile, here's some stuff about the Diamondbacks.

Team news

  • [AZCentral] Diamondbacks taking it slow with Stephen Drew - "I would imagine we'll have to take it rather slowly with him in spring training," Towers said last week. "I'm hopeful he'll play in some games in spring training. Will he play in our opening game? I don't know. I haven't laid eyes on him other than to see him on video doing some agility drills. We'll have a better idea probably at the end of February"
  • [] General manager Kevin Towers hosts web chat - Towers reviews Moneyball: "We had seven hours before our flight left Tampa so those of us in baseball ops decide to watch it. Liked Brad Pitt but didn't care much for the movie. I didn't like the way it portrayed scouts."
  • [BBTF] 2012 ZiPS Projections - Arizona Diamondbacks - Best line: "Having John McDonald, Geoff Blum, and Willie Bloomquist all signed to major league contracts is the equivalent of designing a jumbo jet to have one engine and no mechanical backups to the landing gear but making sure there are 3 backup fridges in the galley to hold cans of soda." I also note, Jason Kubel projects for the second-best OPS+ on the team...

Team news (more)

Team news (less)