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OT Sunday: Oscars!

Last Sunday off-topic thread of the season, since next week we'll be getting back in to the round tables, with a weekly discussion between the writers, since there'll be actual spring training games to discuss 'n' all [okay, about one of them by this time next week, but hey...] Something of a tradition to have one of these here: I think soco is usually the man to beat on the Oscar pool. I am embarrassed, or pleased, to report that I haven't actually seen any of the movies nominated for Best Film. For some strange reason, The Big T_ts Dragon - link probably NSFW, duh! - was inexplicably left off the list there [SnakePit writers' in-joke, that one...]

In fact, having cast an eye over the entire list of movies nominated in all categories, the only ones I've seen are Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, which I think illustrates nicely the chasm between critical acclaim and my tastes. However, I'll still likely be pulling for Moneyball, the Pit having interviewed one of the stars during All-Star Week. Which is more than can be said for, oh, War Horse. So, really, we're just waiting to see what Sacha Baron Cohen does. Please join us in the comments, and bring your own cocktails and canapes for our annual banquet of celebrity snark. Here are some talking points...

  • What was the best film you saw last year?
  • How many of the Best Picture nominees have you seen?
  • Does a film winning an Oscar make you want to see it?
  • Was Titanic the worst Best Picture winner ever?
  • And what do you think was the best Best Picture winner?