Arizona Diamondbacks 2012 Draft Pool


Not sure if this is behind a paywall, but Jim Callis at Baseball America has calculated the Dbacks draft pool for next year to be at $3.8 million. While at first glance it seems like the new CBA has had a drastically negative impact on our potential to spend in the MLB Draft (last year we spent over $11 million), we have to remember that last year was a pretty unique situation, where we had two picks in the top 7. In fact, in 2010 and 2008, we only spent around $4.5 million in the draft (in 2009, we spent a lot in the draft due to our multiple picks in the Top 100). Given our draft position in 2012, $3.8 million seems perfectly reasonable to me, and likely close to what we would have spent regardless of whether there was a new CBA or not.