Takashi Saito plans to throw a sushi and beef bowl party during spring training

Hi. I am new here. I first came to lonestarball to ask questions about Yu Darvish but i found there are other sites for other teams too on this sbnation site.

Sorry if my words are confusing since English is not my first language.

An article in Japan few days ago say Takashi Saito plans to throw a sushi & beef bowl party during spring training to get to know his new teammates better.

I have some questions if you don't mind.

Are food party actually allowed during spring training?

Is spring training in US less strict than in Japan? I have read articles that have stories about new players from Japan say they are surprised spring training ended so fast and so light.

Do US people like beef with rice? All i see from movies or pictures, people in US usually eat beef in one big meat thing type not with some rice.

Do baseball players like sushi or beef at all? All the articles i read usually say baseball players love fried chickens like that one article about Boston Red Sox players who always eat fried chickens at the clubhouse.

There's even an American player in Japan who has to eat a piece of fried chicken every time before playing as his ritual.