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SnakeBytes, 2/18: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Edition

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Last SnakeBytes of winter, folks. Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. I confidently predict that we can look forward to the following stories in the coming weeks:

  • Player A is late arriving in camp due to visa problems. There's a good chance Player A's first name will end in a vowel.
  • Player B shows up at camp "in the best shape of his life". Animated GIFs involving said player and chocolate cake may have become an Internet meme last year.
  • Pitcher C will be working on a new pitch, which will be a work in progress but could be a valuable weapon in his repertoire. [Said pitch will not be seen after Opening Day[
  • Manager D will express disdain for his team's dreadful won-lost record, stating that "It's only spring training."

Meanwhile, here are some more solid pieces of journalism.

But, wait! There's more...

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  • [Diary of a Diehard] Diamondbacks Evangelism - "There’s a lot to like about this team and now is the perfect time to make your conversion. Before long you’ll be referring to colors not as red and tan but rather Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand and humming the roof opening music to Chase Field and loving every minute of it."
  • [Fox Sports Arizona] Cactus or Grapefruit? No question about it - "Arizona provides the perfect combination of factors for spring training, from ideal weather to minimal game-day travel to entertainment and dining for players." Hell, yeah!
  • Baseball IQ | MLB Network: Promotions - Down to the last eight of the MLB Network's gameshow, and Arizona is still represented, through Josh DiFanio. He faced the Rockies' rep on Tuesday at 7:30pm Arizona time, and hopefully will progress to the final four - I mean, it's the ROCKIES...
  • [] Fan Cave Voting 2012 - And finally, there is an Arizona fan in the final round of Fan Cave voting! At least, I think she's a D-backs fan, though that doesn't really look like a D-backs cap she's wearing. She is from Phoenix anyway, so click on the link above to vote for Christy McGaugh. Here's her video.