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Snakebytes, 3/12: Special Sunday SnakeBytes Edition

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With the Fanfest yesterday, there wasn't any time to do a Snakebytes, so let's get caught up as we gallop towards pitchers and catchers reporting for the Diamondbacks, in about a week. It feels like the winter has flown by, but it still can't come quickly enough...

Top headlines

  • [AZCentral] FanFest sets record with 25,000 attendance this year - "Anything you can do with the fans is good," Roberts said. "We don't want them to not know who they're cheering for." Probably not much chance of that with the Dread Pirate!
  • [Fox Sports Arizona] Will Drew be ready for season? Nobody knows - "I'm not going to sit here and lie to your face and say, 'OK I'm going to be ready for opening day.' I can't tell you that right now. Nobody wants me out there hobbling," Drew said Saturday at the D-backs' Fan Fest at Chase Field.
  • [] Justin Upton starts off hot in desert - "Bold imprints at a young age are one of the most thrilling aspects of baseball... Upton has certainly shown sustained flashes of this potential; and if we're all very lucky, his 2011 season might one day be viewed as the year that started it all. " Upton's early numbers are compared against some of the greats.

Other team news

Prospects? Don't mind if we do...

Former D-backs and other stuff