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Diamondbacks FanFest Open Thread


It's here! Today is kinda like Groundhog Day for the baseball fan, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring. We'll shortly be heading off to have breakfast somewhere downtown, then making our way over to Fan Fest at Chase Field for the annual celebration of D-backs baseball. We're a bit more tech savvy this year - I'm not saying my last mobile phone was old, but it had a rotary dial... [Kids, ask your grandparents for clarification if necessary] So I'll be adding comments here over the course of the day, live from Chase, and check out the SnakePit Twitter feed for pics from the event.

If you're there too, feel free to chip in with your take. Get anything cool at the yard sale? Chat to any players? Do the clubhouse tour? It will, I'm sure, be a lot of fun. There'll be a full report later in the day, naturally. See you there!