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D'Backs Sign Eric Chavez, Retain Wil Nieves

The former Athletic and Yankee has signed a one year/3 Million Dollar deal with the D'Backs. Wil Nieves returns in the backup Catcher role for one year/800,000 dollars.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well there's your unexpected Winter Meetings deal. However, instead of Justin Upton being traded to Texas for Nolan Ryan and a boxcar full of brisket, it is instead veteran Third Baseman Eric Chavez has signed with the team.

You may remember Chavez from the Moneyball Era Oakland teams. He won every American League Gold Glove from 2001-2006 for the A's. He also spent his remaining years in Oakland after that on the Disabled List (not a huge exaggeration.) He spent the past two seasons with the Yankees, backing up Alex Rodriguez. The same Alex Rodriguez who needs hip surgery and will miss a bunch of time for the Yankees. Chavez sure would have been a good stopgap for them there. The D'Backs signed away a guy the Yankees probably wanted. Let that sink in for a second.

Nelson - ha ha! (via OsirisIX)

Chavez will probably split time with Chris Johnson at Third Base, as well as come off the bench in pinch-hitting situations. He put up a not-terrible .281/.348/.496 line in limited time with the Yankees last year. This signing also means the infield bench is a bit overcrowded at the moment. It might stand to reason that either John McDonald or Willie Bloomquist are on the outs in some way, but it's too early to tell.

Also happening today: Wil Nieves has come back to Arizona to resume the backup catcher's role that he inherited from Henry Blanco last season after he was acquired off the waiver wire from Colorado.

Stay tuned to the pit for all the D'Backs Winter Meeting News.


Nick P says that McDonald might be the bench bat that's out.