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Diamondbacks @ Winter Meetings, Day 3

We're over the hump and down onto the other side now, with the third of the four-day meetings in Nashville. After two days where the moves by the Diamondbacks were minor at most, will day three be different? Let's also look at the signings elsewhere on Day 2.

Christian Petersen

The main signing was Shane Victorino, picking up a three-year deal from the Red Sox, estimated to be worth $39 million. The player has put up 9.1 bWAR over the past three seasons, so will need roughly to replicate that to make it a good investment. As he turned 32 last month, I'm not certain it's something on which I would personally have bet. The Indians lost out on Victorino: they offered a longer contract, for slightly more money, but at $40 million for four years, it worked out at considerably less per year for the flyin' Hawaiian.

A former Diamondbacks also came off the market today, with Dan Haren accepting a one-year deal from the Washington Nationals, reported to be worth around $13 million. That's not bad at all for a pitcher who put up a 4.33 ERA last year, though in Haren's defense, the resulting ERA+ of 87 was the worst he has produced since his rookie season of 2003, and the first time has has been below 100 since 2004. Also at the age of 32, the Nationals appear to be banking on Dan having a bounce-back campaign next year.

There were a couple of trades that went down today, with a cross-Florida deal sending shortstop Yuniel Escobar from the Marlins to the Rays, in exchange for a minor leaguer. Tampa are also rumored to be one of the teams that might be interested in Mark Reynolds, but attention seems to be on the possibility of them trading a starting pitcher this week. The other deal saw the Astros trade reliever Wilton Lopez to the Rockies, for pitcher Alex White and a prospect. Given the teams concerned combined to lose 205 games last year, I suspect this won't quite lead to dancing in the streets near Coors or Minute Maid.

The results of the GIBBY awards were also announced today, with Miguel Cabrera getting Player of the Year, R.A. Dickey Pitcher of the Year and Mike Trout Rookie of the Year honors. No Diamondbacks were winners in any of the 21 categories, which more or less sums up our season, I think. As Monday and Tuesday, stay tuned in the comments for any rumors as they arise, and if any of them prove to be more than Gomez credible, we'll update the main story below.

And here's the first relatively solid info of the day, reported by Anthony Castrovince on

The Indians and the D-backs have discussed the framework of a deal that centers around Tribe shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera and Arizona right-hander Trevor Bauer, an industry source said early Wednesday. The two clubs have been in talks about the potential deal for two weeks, and it appears those talks have escalated at the Winter Meetings, though the source did not say whether a deal is near completion... reported Tuesday night that the D-backs-Indians talks could involve as many as two other teams, and has reported that the Indians are interested in Arizona left-hander Tyler Skaggs.

UPDATE: 11:21 AM

Our long national backup catching nightmare is over.