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A Merry Christmas From the SnakePit

It's Christmas Day, and I hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy the holiday, relaxing with friends and family, eating heartily, relaxing in front of the TV, or whatever. But in the event you find yourself browsing the tubes of the Internet, looking for amusement...

By Silar (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Away with the Bauer,
no room for his head.
So Kendrick and Towers
got Didi instead.

The pundits were doubtful
this was a good haul.
"Another infielder?
Do we want them all?"

Look back at last season:
they weren't at their best
So the Diamondbacks need
to reload in the West.

Things started quite brightly,
the Giants did fall.
But Chris Young kept running,
straight into a wall.

He wasn't the last
with poor health and bad luck
For Hudson's poor elbow
required a tuck.

While Stephen Drew's ankle
Missed 342 days.
He came back, blew chunks
and was dealt to the A's.

Our third-base was shaky
with RyRo and such.
Chris Johnson was better
Cody Ransom - not so much.

In left-field we saw
Jason start pretty well
But by end of the season,
few wanted "More Kubel!"

The team did have bright spots:
First-base was pure Gold.
Hill got on his cycle,
and Miley was bold.

With Putz and Hernandez
the saves seemed near free.
And with any base-runners,
we just turned to Brad Z.

They even signed Miggy,
put cash in his bank.
So his bright-red Ferrari
will get fuel in its tank!

There's hope for the future
in Corbin and Skaggs,
with (the other) Adam Eaton
whizzing round on the bags.

So even though this year
was largely a chore,
we look forward to next year
and hopefully more.

I don't care if this finishes
sounding corny or trite:
Happy Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!