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Off-Topic Thread: Election Day

There's been a long-standing, unwritten rule that we don't discuss politics or religion much here. It's just too divisive an issue, and not much good can come of it. However, for one day every four years, we relax that restriction. It's Election Day in the US, so have at it.

The normal standards of propriety will be somewhat relaxed here, but direct insults are still forbidden. As a neutral, who doesn't get to vote (oh, those pesky felony convictions...), I'll be moderating as necessary. I would remind people that we'll all have to get along tomorrow, regardless of who wins, when we get back to the real important task: cheering for the Diamondbacks against the incumbent World Series champion Giants.

That said, interested to hear whether people voted, if there were any interesting elections for you beyond the Presidential one e.g. here in Arizona, curious to see whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio gets a sixth term, how the voting experience was (hanging chads, anyone?), predictions for how it'll go, and whatever other thoughts you might have.