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Matt Reynolds Acquired From Colorado For Ryan Wheeler

The Kevin Towers relief train keeps chugging. Ryan Wheeler has been sent to Colorado for LHP Matt Reynolds.

Justin Edmonds

...but (it) probably would mean that one of Bloomquist/McDonald/Wheeler is donzo.

- Me on the possibility of acquiring Hiroyuki Nakajima about three hours ago.

So, did you know that Kevin Towers likes to acquire relievers? Did you REALLY know? Because I think he thinks you don't know and he' going to try everything in his power to make sure you know this.

As it said above, Matt (don't call me Mark) Reynolds has been acquired from Colorado for Ryan (Formerly Good) Wheeler. He gives the Diamondbacks a left handed relief option out of the bullpen that is not named Mike Zagurski. At 6'5" and 240 pounds he is also, using the Mark Grace scale, a big drink of water.

Reynolds, in three seasons with the Rockies, has pitched 126 innings with a career ERA of 3.93, which was bolstered by his rookie campaign where he put up a 2.00 ERA in fewer appearances than he had in 2011 and 2012. Those two seasons were ERAs of 4.09 and 4.40, respectively. Last season opposing lefties were hitting .269 off f him (righties were hitting .311, for comparison). We will see how much of that was Coors inflated (as opposed to Chase inflated, totally different) in the coming season.

Wheeler, as you probably recall, made his major league debut this past season for the D'Backs. He put up a line of .239/.294/.339 in 119 plate appearances. His playtime diminished when Chris Johnson was acquired from Houston, and he never seemed to be considered much more than a utility/bench guy (I'm basing this off of beat writer tweets I'm reading now), and in a cluttered infield became expendable, plus he was never considered defensively adequate at third.

This is probably not the end of the wheeling and dealing this offseason, but it is the end of the dealing of WORDPLAY!