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SnakeBytes: Kurkjian Does Not Expect Upton Trade

In one corner, Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal. In the other, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian. Two men enter. One man leaves.

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It wasn't long ago that Ken Rosenthal came out snorting derisively, "I’ll believe Justin Upton will be a Diamondback in 2013 when I see him in an Arizona uniform on Opening Day," a statement that set off quite the discussion here on the 'Pit. But speaking to Burns and Gambo at local station KTAR on Wednesday, Tim Kurkjian came down on the opposite side of the fence, saying "I just don't believe that they have been offered anything for him that would be enough to make a deal, and therefore it would be stupid to deal him at this point." Kurkjian felt that the team would wait to see if Upton's performance next year was more like the 2011 MVP version:

"Now, if they don't have the player that they think they have, then they're going to have to move him during the season. But I think the logical thing to do is just say 'alright, it was an aberrant season, he wasn't himself, we're not sure why, this is baseball and these things happen all the time. Let's see what happens when he shows up.' I think he's going to play much better, and I just don't think you deal of that age at that talent level, when you're not going to get what you need for him "

Kurkjian was then asked whether he considered Trevor Bauer to be untouchable - he wouldn't use that word, "especially when you are a Kevin Towers team that are always looking to get better." But he more or less did, saying, "I don't see any reason or way that they will trade him. He's an unusual character, he has got great stuff, and I think you need to look at this like it was a learning experience and a painful one for him... :Let's get him to spring training, see what he looks like and bring him back. I don't see any reason to trade him at this point. If you're going to win long-term, you're going have to do it with young pitching and he should be right at the front of that."

Now a round-up of other stuff, first concerning the Diamondbacks directly:

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