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Miguel Montero Traded To Marlins (According to BBWAA)

The two MVP awards were announced this afternoon, and went to Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera

No shock in the National League, with Buster Posey getting 27 of the 32 first-place votes - three went to Ryan Braun and two to...YeahYadier Molina? Curiously, both out of the New York chapter. Former D-back Adam LaRoche was 7th: among the current team, Aaron Hill finished =26th (tied with Carlos Beltran), getting a seventh-place vote from Zachary Levy of the Houston Chronicle, and a pair of 10th-place votes. One of the latter came from Nick Piecoro, with the Denver Post's Troy Renck providing the other. Miguel Montero - who, contrary to what the BBWAA official website thought, was not traded to Florida - got a 10th-place vote out of Adam Rubin from ESPN New York. That's one point down on 2011.

The American League poll proved to be a decisive victory for reactionary forces, the old-school merit of Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown prevailing decisively over Mike Trout. Cabrera got 22 of the first-place votes, while Trout had six. Got a funny feeling we haven't heard the last of this debate. I haven't seen so many outraged Tweets since that Kony 2012 video went viral. Mind you, there was one voter who thought Adrian Beltre had a better season than Trout, so go figure. Further down the list, Albert Pujols finished outside the top ten for the first time his career, coming in 17th.