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SnakeBytes: Upton Upton, Upton Upton Upton edition

The winter meetings have concluded and, inexplicably, Justin Upton is still a Diamondback. I was *assured* he was going to be traded for a weekend getaway tp Amsterdam West (as soon as Denver City Council put down the Funions and pass the name change). Oh, well. Here's a weekend round-up of bits and pieces.

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Christian Petersen

Justin Upton

  • [FSAZ] Upton trade no certainty, but options aplenty - "If nothing happens and he is still in a Diamondback uniform, he is going to play hard and we’re all going to be fine," Hall said. "He knows it’s part of the game. He is so mature now compared to when he first entered the league. If this had happened back then, maybe he would react differently, but he handles it so well. It’s not an issue."
  • [AZ Central] Possible Upton destinations - Texas and Tampa are well known possibilities, but what about Boston, Detroit or even Pittsburgh?
  • [USA Today] On the Hunt: Dodgers pursue Torii - "The Rangers, who have All-Star Elvis Andrus at shortstop, tried to acquire Simmons simply to spin him off and trade him to the Arizona Diamondbacks for right fielder Justin Upton, a high-ranking official with the Rangers and Braves confirmed."

Other trade rumors

Non-trade stuff [Arizona related]

  • [] Heath Bell opens D-backs chapter with patented flair - Wearing a white, black and pink argyle sweater vest with a short-sleeved pink buttoned-up shirt underneath, Bell reintroduced himself to Arizona... "I don't know much about him. I've heard little things about him," Ian Kennedy said. "You can hear things, and they can be completely wrong. I'm curious."
  • {AZ Central] Phoenix, ASU in talks for ballpark - "A week after a deal to share a new Chicago Cubs stadium in Mesa fell apart, Arizona State University is in negotiations to potentially move its baseball program to Phoenix Municipal Stadium, city officials confirmed Friday."
  • [] D-backs prospect Evan Marshall gains experience in 'pen - "You have to make sure you are ready to produce at any time," said Marshall, who is working on all his pitches this fall. "[I'm] just trying to stick to the game plan. I've been throwing with some sink, and I am working on finishing my fastball."

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