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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: The Final Round

Congratulations to the Alabama Slammers, who improved on last year's 4th place by going all the way, and taking out the Amish in the grand final. Here's the details of the final round of contests.

By Immudi (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Championship: Alabama Slammers 6, Fighting Amish 3
Even in an extended week, this contest lived up to expectations, the sides combining for 28 homers, 106 RBI, 12 wins, 11 saves and 153 strikeouts. It was Slammers' offense that carried the day, Cespedes and Napoli each homering three times, Hill adding ten R and seven RBI. Doumit had two HR and eight RBI for the Amish, who got two Wins from Garcia. However, Lynn had two W + 18 K for Alabama, and Shields added 21 K. A Win and three Saves from Kimbrel clinched them the title.

3rd/4th place: Mizzoula Osprey 7, Ignatius J. Rallies 3
The Osprey may not have retained their title, but they finished strong, taking third behind a sweep of the pitching categories. Morrow and Gonzalez each picked up a pair of victories, while Rodney snagged four Saves and Dickey struck out 21. Longoria had four homers and scored seven times. The Rallies also got four HR by Morse, who drove in 10, and Lopez picked up three Saves, as they have to settle for fourth place.

7th/8th place: AZ SnakePit 5, Sofa King Juiced 4
The week's closest contest saw AZ take the plate title, Broxton's failure to get a save in the last game of the season giving them the [tin-foil] crown. They dominated at the plate, behind three HR and nine RBI from Harper, plus three solo shots by Hart, with Swisher scoring seven and driving in eight. However, Sofa were almost as dominant on the mound, Bailey getting a W + 16 K's, and Nathan picking up a Win and two Saves.

9th/10th place: CompleteGameShutout 8, Waffles 2
11th-seed Complete rebounded from a near-whitewash last round, to produce the most convincing victory of the final week. They can thank Davis and Cano, who combined for ten HR, 21 Runs and 28 RBI, McLouth chipping in another three HR. Two W + 17 K from Price completed the victory, Marcum's two W and a two HR, seven R week from Upton on Waffles' behalf, not able to stop them from getting toasted.

Final standings

League Champion Alabama Slammers
2nd The Fighting Amish
3rd Mizzoula Osprey
4th Ignatius J. Rallies
5th Phoenix Platypi
6th MyWieterGetzLongoria
7th AZ SnakePit
8th Sofa King Juiced
9th CompleteGameShutout
10th Waffles
11th Blonde Streaks
12th Soco Knows
13th Lil Bitches [relegated]
14rh Los Wailoracles

There's definitely skill involved, as four of the top five teams were also in the top five last year - the Rallies, who finished 9th last year, were the newcomers, replacing last year's runners-up, AZ SnakePit. Next year, we'll do it all again - I dunno who came out top in Division 1-A [a silence seems to have descended from that direction], but the top two players will be eligible to move up to the top tier in 2013. We'll see you for that next year, round about the first Cactus League game!

I haven't forgotten the Vegas betting results; those should follow tomorrow.