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Montero and Hill: Gold Glove Bridesmaids, Not Brides

Miguel Montero and Aaron Hill are finalists for National League Gold Gloves at their respective positions.

Christian Petersen

The dust has barely settled from the 2012 season, which means it's award season time. Today the finalists for the Gold Glove award were announced. The award is, ostensibly, given to the best fielder at every position in each league. Gerardo Parra won the Left Field Gold Glove a year ago, as you may recall.

Well this year, there are two D'Backs in the mix. Aaron Hill is in the mix at Second Base. You may remember Aaron Hill from things such as this:

His fellow finalists are Brandon Phillps of the Reds and Darwin Barney of the Cubs.

Also a finalist is Miguel Montero at Catcher. D'Backs fans have been aware of Miggy's steadily improving defense throughout his career, and you may remember such plays as this:

He will face off in the Catcher Thunderdome against Yadier Molina of the Cardinals and Carlos Ruiz of the Phillies.

Hill and Montero both had fairly good offensive seasons, which should help their cases tremendously. You may think "Oh, Clefo is such a jokester, he put that in as a joke, since he is a jokester." I didn't, I really didn't.

The winners will be announced tomorrow. You can view the full list of nominees in both leagues here.

* * *

Yadier Molina has won the National League Gold Glove Award at Catcher.

Darwin Barney has won the National League Gold Glove Award at Second Base.

You may now go back to your lives.