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Diamondbacks Minor League in Review: Yakima Outfielders

We're still at the lower levels of our off-season team reviews so we're not going to be seeing many potential Major Leaguers yet. The Dbacks short season A affiliate has moved to Hillsboro, Oregon this off-season, but we'll still be referring to the team as Yakima until next season arrives. The Yakima offense wasn't notable as a team strength and the outfield in particular didn't have anyone special roaming the field.

The team didn't have a single offensive player post an OPS above .800, and there weren't very many even above .700. So don't get too excited about this list. These guys are strictly lower level organizational guys. The strength of the Yakima team that made the playoffs was in its pitching, not this group of outfielders.

OF Yogey Perez-Ramos, 22, .285/.336/.365
Plus Stat: 9.5% K-Rate Minus Stat: .365 SLG
Acquired: 2012 Draft - 17th Round
Perez-Ramos became a regular starter in the outfield over the second half of the season and typically hit near the top of the order. For a starting outfielder his BA and OBP were okay but hardly anything to get excited about. He didn't show any power potential at all so it's hard to see any kind of bright future for Perez-Ramos.
2013 Projection: Low A South Bend
Ceiling: High A

OF Michael Lang, 23, .258/.318/.433
Plus Stat: .433 SLG Minus Stat: .318 OBP
Acquired: 2012 Undrafted Free Agent
Lang was signed midway through the season after tearing it up for Independent League Sioux City. He immediately commandeered a regular spot in the Yakima lineup but didn't perform quite the same way. However, he was second on the team in OPS at .752 and was fairly productive. It's a major question whether he did enough to earn a promotion but he did do enough to keep a job, even if it is a repeat of his current level. Lang did show a little power potential with a ,433 SLG so at least he's not another punch and judy guy.
2013 Projection: Short Season A Hillsboro
Ceiling: High A

OF Daniel Poma, 23, .228/.316/.287
Plus Stat: .76 BB/K rate Minus Stat: .287 SLG
Acquired: 2012 Draft - 10th Round
Poma was drawing early comparisons to Adam Eaton when he was taken in the 10th round of this year's draft after being named the College Player of the Year out of Hofstra. With one professional season now under his belt it should be clear to everyone that Poma is no Adam Eaton. Poma kept his K-Rate down and he stole a few bases but he proved to be nothing more than a slap hitter. He'll get another chance next year but it will likely be at the same level or maybe in Missoula. He didn't really do enough to earn any kind of promotion.
2013 Projection: Rookie Missoula
Ceiling: AA

OF Joseph Loftus, 23, .223/.326/.348
Plus Stat: 7 for 7 SB Minus Stat: .223 BA
Acquired: 2011 Draft - 46th Round
Loftus was drafted in 2011 but never made it out of extended ST. He was assigned to Yakima for 2012 and while he wasn't horrible he didn't exactly impress either. He's a repeat candidate at best as he just didn't hit enough to earn anything more.
2013 Projection: Short Season A Hillsboro
Ceiling: Low A

OF, Shaun Cooper, 22, .213/.343/.375
Plus Stat: 21 XBH Minus Stat: .213 BA
Acquired: 2012 Undrafted Free Agent
Cooper wasn't drafted, much to his disappointment, after putting up some pretty good numbers at Utah. The Dbacks signed him soon after the draft and Cooper spent much of the season hitting in the middle of Yakima's order. He had his moments with some big hits and occasional power displays, and he also walked a ton. But he cooled off as the season went on and his prospect status plummeted with it. Cooper has some ability but he'll need to do more than hit .213 at the lowest levels if he wants to be taken seriously.
2013 Projection: Short Season A Hillsboro
Ceiling: AA