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Giants Easily Win World Series Game 1 Against Tigers

Barry Zito out-dueled Justin Verlander. Yes, really.

Thearon W. Henderson

Game 2: Detroit (Doug Fister) at San Francisco (Madison Bumgarner) - 5:07pm on FOX - let the jokes begin...

Game 1: Tigers 3, Giants 8: If you would've pitted two Cy Young award-winning pitchers against each other in the World Series, you might've expected a pitcher's duel. If you knew one won his 10 years ago and the other won his last year, you might've thought it could be lop-sided. If I told you that the pitcher who won his Cy Young Award last year with a lower ERA than when the pitcher won his 10 years ago would have an ERA nearly eight times that of the second guy in tonight's game, you would be very confused by that poorly constructed but true statement. Summary: Verlander gave up two home runs to Pablo Sandoval, Al Albuquerque gave up the third, and Zito only gave up one run and that not until the 6th inning. The Giants routed the Tigers, who managed to make it "just" a five-run game with their own home run in the 9th. Giants lead series 1-0.

* * *

San Francisco basically crushed the St. Louis Cardinals in Monday's Game 7. The details are just gory. With their backs to the wall in six elimination games this post-season, the Giants have come out victorious in all of them, and here they are in the World Series. Over in the American League, the Oakland A's took the Tigers to Game 5 in the ALDS (after the Tigers were the ones with the 2-0 series lead), and Detroit took that and went and swept the Yankees in four to reach the World Series.

World Series Game 1: Barry Zito vs Justin Verlander. 5pm on FOX. Tonight.