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Gameday Thread, #160: 10/1 vs. Rockies

Wade Miley gets his last chance to nail a 17th win, and the D-backs try to guarantee themselves a .500 season, in the opener of the series at Chase Field tonight.


Drew Pomeranz

LHP, 2-9, 5.01


Wade Miley

LHP, 16-11, 3.32

NOTE. I'm going back to not having a specific pre-game thread with the preview and line-up, and see how this works. It doesn't seem to be generating any additional commentary, and it does seem to be a significant extra but of work. However, there's no way to create a StoryStream directly from a Gameday Thread, so that's all a bit confusing. Undecided on how we'll do things next season. But for tonight, this is the Gameday Thread, so please comment to your heart's delight, right here.

I get the sense Wade Miley is running on fumes, which is entirely understandable for a guy who, up until about 48 hours before the start of the season, was probably expecting a quiet season in Reno. Instead, here he is, getting on for almost 200 major-league innings later, and he has a good shot at leading the 2012 Diamondbacks in both win and ERA among their starters. Can't predict baseball is something of a cliche, but Miley's season is probably the poster-boy for that this year. Still, his September ERA is 5.90 which was definitely his worst month, even if he went a respectable 2-2.

  1. A.J. Pollock CF
  2. Aaron Hill 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Paul Goldschmidt 1B
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Chris Johnson 3B
  7. Gerardo Parra LF
  8. John McDonald SS
  9. Wade Miley P

That's a rather better line-up than we've seen of late, with Goldschmidt, Montero and Johnson all present there tonight, which with all respect to Jacons, Nieves and Ransom, has to be considered a good thing. Seems that Chris Young will be limited to pinch-hit duties the rest of the season, so we may or may not see him, depending on game need.

I'll be providing my last recap of the year tonight, sobbing gently as I copy and paste in the fangraph. Sadly, there'll be no roll-call, as I don't have a Linux box at home. One of these days, I am *so* going to sort that out. Maybe it'll become one of my off-season projects. Have to start thinking about what I'm going to do with my spare time for the next six months. Sheesh...