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SnakeBytes, 1/7: 2012 Arrives

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Pitchers and catchers report next month. It's cool to be able to say this, and know winter will soon be over. Seems like a lot shorter off-season this year. Wonder if that's perhaps the case when you're going through the winter as the reigning division champion? There's not quite as much urgency to get to next season, for your chance at redemption. Of course, even for the division winners, there's room for improvement, and I'm still looking forward to the Cactus League. Though remembering how badly we performed there last season (finishing dead last, with a 12-25 record), the meaningless of spring training results will be particularly clear this year...

Spring in the Air

Prospect pulse

  • [] D-backs' Derrick Hall holds court with fans in January Web chat - Bauer and Skaggs. "They will both receive spring starts and will pitch a number of innings as part of the competition... We need to make sure they are developed and mature enough before rushing them though, and their spring outings will determine a great deal."
  • [] Prospect Q&A: Bauer gets taste of pros - "I don't work out in the weight room. I do mostly strength and conditioning stuff that's focused on moving quick and body mass. I have to generate velocity by creating tension in the body and releasing it all in sequence, getting a summation of force rather than brute strength it. All my workouts are focused on that, building up strength and fast-twitch movements.
  • [Seedlings To Stars] 2012 Top 100 Prospects, #5: Tyler Skaggs - "His performance for his age in Double-A was borderline historic, and he’s at least above-average on every scouting attribute, and he could improve further due to his youth and projection."

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