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OT Sunday: Travel and Vacations

I'm off to Boston for the week, courtesy of work, which has its pluses and minuses - I don't need to pay for much, but won't get much spare time to check out the city. It also means going in January, which is really the last time I want to be going to the North-East; I tried to hold out for summer, or at least baseball season, but my claims I would shatter if exposed to temperatures below 60F were viewed with some skepticism. Oh, well. There will still be content getting posted, hopefully not of the wrong kind. But for today, let's talk about travel and related stuff.

  • Favorite state/country visited
  • Place in the world you'd most like to see
  • Most over-rated destination or sight
  • Longest journey taken
  • Best and worst trips
  • Holiday destinations.
    Urban or rural?
    Beach or mountain?
    Group or solitary?
    Active or slothful?