SB Nation Officially Opposes SOPA


Today, a significant percentage of the Internet has gone 'dark', in protest at the SOPA and PIPA bills being pushed through our legislature, largely by special-interest groups. Sites, large and small, from Wikipedia, Reddit, Wordpress, all the way down to my own personal site, have disabled their functionality today, to give a flavor of the possible ramifications of the legislation, which provides a means for websites to be blocked from US viewers with little in the way of due process. If this sounds suspiciously close to China, and their "Great Firewall" - that's because it is. This is badly-thought out legislation, bought and paid for by those who already dominate the media, in an attempt to secure their position. While not going dark, SB Nation and parent company Vox strongly opposes these measures: "Vox Media's opposition to SOPA is not limited to defeating one bad law grounded in an outmoded view of content; it extends to a genuine desire for copyright law and policy to strike the right balance, which must start with comprehending and embracing the the powerful and inspiring new media world in which we now live. "