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NLDS Viewing Party: Friday's Front Row @ Chase, Saturday 11am

In case you missed the thread, there will be a SnakePit Viewing Party at Chase Field, in Friday's Front Row, tomorrow morning - first pitch is a little after 11am. Seating is limited, so if you want to come along, please let us know by 7pm tonight so we can let the place know how many of us to expect. Here are the names currently attending, as peeled off the original post.  myself, Mrs. SnakePit,, soco, mrssoco, kishi + mrskishi (fashionably late), Backin'the'Backs, BattleMoses, NASCARbernet, Stile4aly + Mrs Stile4aly. Think that's everyone for now. Pipe up in the comments if we should add you to the list.