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SnakeSounds: 9/2 vs. Giants

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Hate to say, I told you so, but... Well, I told you so:

Saunders needs to keep things under control and not walk people. Meanwhile, the D-backs probably should be aggressive on the bases, as the Giants catcher has thrown out only 15 of 61 base-stealers. Don't give the Giants extra outs, and take advantage of the opportunities.
Saunders walked four - he's now 2-7 this year, when he walks more than two. We had zero stolen-base attempts. Arizona made no errors, but "made some defensive mistakes," according to Gibson e.g. a failure to corral Parra's relay throw which let the Giants tie the game up. And we had Cain on the ropes in the first, but couldn't add on from a second-and-third one-out situation. We'll do better tomorrow. No-one seemed keen to discuss this one, but here are Kirk Gibson, Joe Saunders and Miguel Montero.

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