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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: The Final

The final games are in the books, and if it wasn't quite as dramatic as the memorable slate of games we had last night, it was a very solid climax to the season.

Championship: AZ SnakePit 3, Mizzoula Osprey 7
3rd/4th place: Alabama Slammers 3, The Fighting Amish 5
7th/8th place: Blonde Streaks 8, Bad Wolf 2
9th/10th place: Ignatius J. Rallies 5, Los Wailoracles 3

Thanks to everyone who took part. We'll be back for more in Spring Training 2012, and sure we'll have spaces for interested parties then!

AZ SnakePit 3, Mizzoula Osprey 7
If Snake had just got Fister in the line-up, this would have been 5-5, as they lost ERA by 0.03 and K's by five. Though the Osprey would still have won the regular season tie-breaker. This was a slugfest in pitching and hitting, even for an extended week. The two sides combined for 37 HR, 102 RBI, 13 wins and 153 strikeouts. Osprey had hitter of the week Kemp, who had five home-runs, 12 runs and 13 driven in, with Morse's four HR backing him up. Snake got three HR from Reynolds, but their strength was on the mound where Gonzalez got two W, 16 K and a 0.59 ERA, with Kershaw winning two and Cordero getting four saves. Lilly had two W and a zero ERA on the week for Missoula.

Alabama Slammers 3, The Fighting Amish 5
The Amish recovered from a poor regular season start - they won only once in the first five rounds - to finish a solid third. Cabrera (four HR, nine Runs) anchored their offense, with help from Hamilton who homered twice and scored seven - Fighting hit a collective .306 for the week. They also got two wins and 15 strikeouts from Vasquez, as Runs and Saves ended tied in this one. Alabama got a Win and two Saves from Johnson, while Hardy homered three times and Luebke struck-out 15.

Blonde Streaks 8, Bad Wolf 2
Blonde swept hitting, with Napoli's four home-runs supported by Andino, who scored eight runs and drove in nine. They also had a team ERA of 2.49, with Bumgarner picking up a Win and 10 K's and Chen posting a 0.56 ERA. Bad got a W + 15 strikeouts from Lee, while Floyd fanned 17, and Feliz saved four games. Morrison hit three home-runs in a losing cause.

Ignatius J. Rallies 5, Los Wailoracles 3
The Rallies ran wild, stealing 14 bases, six by Bourn, on their way to ninth-place. Stanton (Ignatius) and Pence (Los) were the only players to enjoy multi-homer weeks, while W and RBI categories ended level. The Rallies got a W + 14 K from Burnett, while Los's ace was Carpenter, who had a Win and 16 strikeouts.

Final Standings

  1. Mizzoula Osprey
  2. AZ SnakePit
  3. Fighting Amish
  4. Alabama Slammers
  5. Phoenix Platypi
  6. Lil Bitches
  7. Blonde Streaks
  8. Bad Wolf
  9. Ignatius J. Rallies
  10. Los Wailocracies
  11. Lady Gaga Regatta
  12. Sofa King Juiced
  13. warlords
  14. Whooping Zoidbergs